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Birthdate:May 3
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I feel as though I should have a description of myself in my journal profile, but what to say… As a general warning, some of my friends locked posts may be triggering. I have decided that in future most reflective posts of this nature will be posted in another blog to save my flist from being flooded by my angst.

Trigger warnings for the following topics may appear in my journal:
Child abuse, sexual assault, occasional mention of self harm

The list may be removed at a later point because I'm not quite sure how much I want these things to be on my entry post.

I’m a bit of a lurker and especially bad at replying to comments (or, um, making them in the first place) but I’m attempting to break that habit. I like chatting to people (online, in real life I’m quite the hermit) despite my awkwardness.

There are times when I am very cynical but I have a tendency to assume the best of people.

I like debating, reading, making voice posts, shiny things and skiing. I write, make graphics and sometimes even draw! Though, I'm not very good those. I'm hopeless with games and puzzles and didn't originally join my first landcomm for the social side either. People have done stranger things, okay?

I was bored and wanted a challenge so joined in a uncharacteristic spurt of productivity. Shocking, I know.

If you know me in real life I might add you. If you're related to me, go away. Please.

Glee (I don't really watch it anymore but I'm too fond of the fandom to let it go), Harry Potter, Legend of the Seeker, The Big Bang Theory.

I've left most of the landcomms I was in to deal with personal stuff (why does this stuff exist?) and [info]gleeverse is closing soon, however by summer I hope to be rejoining them.

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